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[lj idol] week 10- you're so vain, you think this topic is about you

Your so vain, you think this topic is about you, well, in this case it is. But contrary to what this topic would mean to some: it won't be about *me*

It isn't often that I come across a person who has the power to change someone's very existence. It also isn't often that I have the very distinct pleasure of knowing this person for going on four years now (marking by Christmases; this will be our fourth) and being apart of not only their lives, but their family's lives too. It isn't often that I can say that I've actively enjoyed it, and have done so since day one.

Over the years this person has seen me ggo through a shit ton of stuff; they've listened to me bitch endlessly about my parents (them and others, too) they've expressed sadness at several things that have gone on with me (Grandma in nursing home, etc.) I've been able to commiserate with them on the frustrations surrounding several situations. The first year we met, they surprised the hell out of me by sending me a present for Christmas (which I still have, BTW) and it nearly blew me away.

I in turn have expressed sadness/joy/frustration when certain situations have come up where it was called for. Sometimes even anger. Especially if a situation comes up that surrounds a cause that we are both passionate about.

Over the past four years, this person has given me much encouragement, much food for thought, and has helped keep me from going stir crazy in an environment that I would very much like to be out of just now. They and several others began a role play campaign about three or so years ago, that we are still running on, This person has sat up nights with me when neither of us could sleep, They've had faith in me when I thought nearly no one else did, and when I've had almost none in myself, and no matter how extremely random I've become (or scattered) during our online conversations, nothing about me seems to phase them, and I do mean nothing. They have introduced me to several new and interesting artists )Yea Synthia McQuillin!) :) They've certainly made my life a lot richer and fuller for being in it.

Throu out the years, I've grown to love and cherish them; to allmost call them like another parent (this time by choice) They join the ranks of two others that fill this role, and like these other two, this person is a woman: A very remarkable one. Had it not been for the internet, however, she and I would have never met. If it weren't for the internet, I'm not sure either of us would have even known the other existed.

I now declare, this Friday, december 5th, 2008, honor aerdran day. Thank you; you deserve your own day to be vain and damn proud of the many things you've managed to accomplish. :)I know I certainly am. You make me proud every day. Proud to call you friend. :)
Oh- and before I go, thank you for being such a wonderful friend, it is most certainly very very much appreciated. :) :) :) I hope we have just as many years, and longer to remain friends, I love you.

this is my entry for week 10 (I think? I've lost track now!) of therealljidol Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this, please toss a vote my way when the polls go up! :)

the Phoenix
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