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Awe slow days!!

Right all,

New reader alert! New reader alert! I'll probably embarrass the hell out of this young one, but...

Welcome Dean!! LOL I always like when I find new readers especially ones that I have met through ways and means yet unknown to those in journaller's land. LOL No seriously, Welcome to the new one that I met about three or four days ago on freedom chat...yeah, I still go there from time to time. LOL
Anyway, on to other news. I spoke with my friend John today for a good length of time. Not all of the convo was plesent as it dealt with a situation that includes someone so messed up that even she won't admit to being so. Lies deceit ande bitterness seem to be her friends, though shesays she loves everyone. She is ddaling with a swordmaster and one of these days she's gunna find that the mastery over him she thinks she has is nothing more than an elusion. Sooner or later that blade is going to bite and bite hard!! The fire she also thinks she has contained will one day burst free and come back upon her with such ferocity that it will burn her before she can stop it or even be warned of its coming...sorry guys, but that whole situation is way too complicated for this place and knowing the people in it is even more interesting. Especially since at least one of them is on my friends, list. Since this is going to be a public entry and I have made several promises to reveal as little as possible, I can't say more than what I already have. After that conversation, I tried to send a file to said new reader three different times. No luck...unlike that last time where the file managed to get through, this time our dialup decided to be fickle and play the both of us like bouncing pinballs. I did manage to send him a story, though. Yay!! After that, actually no, during that, my other friend Mendi sent me a file she wanted my opinion on, so now I have something else to read. LOL
I'm still not done filing CD's this is going to take forever, let me tell ya!!! Ah well, once it's done, it won't have to be done again, so i guess it'll be worth it. I've been on some phone distribution lists for a time, but I think I may get off at least one of them because my mail box there is getting way too full for my liking and I don't see how people can keep up with both e-mail and phone lists. It just gets old, I guess after a while. Don't get me wrong, they're fun, but after a while the novelty wears off.
I am still working on UK sweets, some of which are nestley products the like of which we don't have here in the states. Yum, yum!! Good stuff let me tell ya!!
Right morning's been slow, afternoon's been MSN crazy, so I guess the evening's gunna be the same. LOL I'll probably end up in bed early again, but who knows. I also e-mailed John this morning because he works and really doesn't do much there, so I like to give him a little something to do while he sits in that office of his.
Guess I'll head away for now. Hope to write soon.

The Phoenix
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