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[lj idol] week seven-hope

Independince: One of the most important things for a blind person.

jenandbronzesaid that she hopes she never loses it. I, on the other hand, am hoping I can *find* it. I am working on it, but unlike her, I do not have classes because, according to the state (and my mother says a letter from a certain woman who shall remain anonomus),I have already had several chances to gain it, and according to some still have not, and apparently never will. I have had three months at bosma, followed by nearly six months of inactivity afterward, I have had six weeks in Tallahassee in a college prep program (the only one I completed) and then six more weeks in Daytona a semester later. Had I not had school to return to, I would have been able to stay longer in Daytona. As it was, at the end, I nearly called off school, but didn't because I had already taken a year and a half off (damn one year residency requirement!) and didn't want to fall behind anymore than I already had.

My hope now, along with finding my independence in the truest sense of the word by having a place to spread out in, is to prove to others that I *can* do this; that I *want* to do this. To this end, I have employed Nanowrimo as a way to get out of the house and make new friends while enjoying something that makes me come very much alive, in more than one sense of the word. To this end I have decided to travel out of town a bit more, hence my trip to rnb_capricorn's house in Indianapolis (and no, that is not the *only* reason I am going there!). To that end, I will continue to accumulate Advanced Daily Living aids that will facilitate my growth and my time in the kitchen and will allow me to expand my duties around the house.

My hope, then is to keep riding on this momentum, and find a job. A job, I hope even more, will be both something that I enjoy, and by that token, will also be something that will give me a sense of fulfillment and satesfaction.

Hope, I will repeat, is the next best thing to finding your bliss, for at the end of the rainbow that is hope, is the pot of gold that *is* your bliss, whatever that may be.

This is my entry for week seven of therealljidol I hope you have enjoyed it. :) if you did, please drop a vote for me on Friday!

Again, thankk you! :)

the Phoenix
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