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Cleaning extravaganza!!

Hey all,

I have just been involved in a very extensice cleaning spree. Well, OK not really cleaning, persay, but still...

I am filing my CD's and labelling them. It may be tedius for some, but for some reason working the labeller has sort of a meditative quality to it for me. Just the fact that you have to turn the labeler to the right letter, concentrate on where your fingers are, tben triger the gun for the letter, then do it all over again. I really think it has a diciplin lesson, there. If you can put that much concentration into labelling, how much more could you do if you put that same concentration into something a lot more helpful for others? How much more could you do if you put that much concentration in to something a lot more...enjoyable?

Just kind of one of those things that sort of hit me, ya know?

The Phoenix
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