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[lj idol] week five open topic: "An interest you have that may well surprise others"

What if I told you I was totally in love with this song?
This is one of my favorites off the album other than Flashing Lights and Drunken Hot Girls. As long as Kanye has been out, I'm surprised that there aren't more vids of his songs out on you tube. Or maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough, but I seem to have seen more of his appearances and interviews. Which is all well and good, especially since I am one of those who likes to see all sides of the artists I listen to, and what better way to do that than through interviews? However, I digress.
And what if I said that I liked this one by Rhymefest?
It certainly does make you think, doesn't it? But then again, that's what Rhymefest is good at. Making you think, then think one more time. BTW, his next album should be out soon, so watch for it to drop then go out and snag that shit; it's going to be hot!. :d
Or better yet, the superstar, are you one, too? I'll admit that it isn't just Lupe I'm in love with on this song; Matthew Santos' voice makes me seriously purrhrhrhrhr! :p
Oh and I can't forget John legend's talk about the PDA! I can't help but laugh during this song, but then again, my mind isn't necessarily in clean mode, especially when I sit back and close my eyes and listen to that man croon! :) )Note: album drops on Oct. 28!)
These are just a few of the artists I call my own alongside stuff like the Harper and the Minstrel, Heather Alexander and for all you folks who want more well known people, I also take great joy in pulling out stuff by these guys! Warning: old vid with old members. I've had the joy of seeing the more recent incarnates in concert a number of times in the last four or five years, and have loved every minute of it! I plan to do it again if I can at all help it, even if my mom doesn't come with me. :) I love their energy, it is jusst totally crazily awesomesauce! :) and I'm not kidding, either.

I did tell you my musical tastes varied, didn't I? I was being serious folks! :)

It just goes to show, that just because someone likes hip hop, doesn't necessarily mean that they are a person of color; just because someone likes metal doesn't necessarily mean that they can't enjoy something that's just about as far from that as the east is from the west.

Music is a language all its own; music is a magic all its own. For mee music is like the word: It paints pictures. And you don't always need words to do it. That's the beauty of it; the magic of it. Even if I don't show it here, it is true. There are so many breathtaking pieces of music that are instrumental and just as powerful as the ones I have shown you today. There is another beautiful thing about music: there is something for everyone, and everyone has to be surprised by someone every once in a while, don't they? I'm thinking they certainly do. :)
Note: embedding of some of the above songs was disabled by request, hence the links. The links are also for those who are visually impaired and use adaptive technologies. Thank you. :d
This is my entry for week five of therealljidol on the topic "an interest you have that may be surprising to others" submitted by rnb_capricorn I hope you have enjoyed my forray into the world of music. If you did pleas consider voting for me tomorrow. :)

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