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OK phoenix fans,

I have decided to go back to CD baby for a few CD's and because
has mentioned kim Robertson in her LJ several times by way of music selection, I did a!!! That is the only thing I can say for this woman's harping. It is awesome. Words can't even describe the emotions it brought forth in me. I seriously got chills when I was listening to the clip of "All the Pretty Little Horses." "The Cradle Song," is lovely, lovely, lovely!" Looks like I'll be spending over fifty dollars on CD's this coming month as I am about to check out this other KR album they have. Too bad I'm on dialup or I'd have you send some of this stuf over,
As it is, it would literally take ages. LOL The reason I say over fifty is because I will also be getting the two Elaine Silver albums that CD baby has for sale.

Anyway, I guess that's it...for now. LOL

The Phoenix *well rested for once.*
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