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[lj idol] week three--A Moment of Bliss

the Beauty of the world around me teaches me many Lessons.

these teachings Inform me that it is In the Simple things that Solace is found.

it is in the Song of the birds outside; the Swish of the palms in the breeze.

the Infant that lies dreaming in blessid peace down the hall from me.

it is the Liquid sound that only a harp can make as the notes fill my room from the cd player behind me; It is the babble of a stream as it sings to the rocks over which it runs.

it is with Love that i greet each Separate challenge on this journey we call life.

it is with Infinite gratitude, and a joy that is Boundless, that i Stop to Bless each day which is full of possibilities that are Limitless with my Individual, unique perspective, even if I am but a Small Shining light in the great expanse of the universe we are now experiencing.

May you always walk gently on Mother Earth; may you never take your friends for granted; most of all, may you never lose hope, because next to bliss, hope is one of the most important things one possesses.

May the remainder of this day and and all of the days after hold at least one moment of bliss for everyone who reads this. :)

This is my submission for week three of therealljidol on the topick "a moment of bliss" I hope you've enjoyed it. If so be sure to drop me a vote in tomorrow's polls! :)

the Phoenix
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