The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

[lj idol] intro post

Hello I am thepheenixeyri
Over the years I've also gone on various messengers, some of which I still frequent as:
Aya, Firebird of Valdemar

Around here, most know me simply as "the Phoenix" )which is also what my display name on myspace is)
On the nano boards, I'm known as celtic_phoenyx
There are a few other places I am known of by that name, though those are few.

Some of the places mentioned above I really don't frequent too often due to the fact that i either A, see no reason to anymore, or B, forget they are there, or C, find that they slow my system down too much to find them worth my time. Despite this, I feel like I have a steady stream of friends, and a rather diverse group at that. The reason I mention this in my intro is because I consider my friends a big, and very important, part of my life, and many of my LJ idol entries may involve one or more of said friends.

I am also a recent college grad who is looking for a job. I am an extravert, and as you can see, a very chatty writer.
Like many here, or at the majority of those on my friends list, I am blind. Totally blind. I am a recent guide dog user as well, and since both my dog and my blindness are parts of my life, they too will show up in what I write.

Some of my interests are reading, writing, listening to music, role playing (almost to a fault) and singing. I am of an alternative spirituality, and wish to leave it there for the time being. I am a very open minded accepting person, and it takes a lot to anger me. But when I am angered, look out; I *will* explode...

I live with my parents, three cats, my dog and a three year old, so needless to say the house can get pretty hectic at times. I am trying to get my own place, but seeing as I'm on a waiting list for a section eight apartment, it my be a while before I get said place. I am really excited to get started with this contest, and I'm hoping, if nothing else, that it will help refine my writing; I can always use a bit of improvement there. :) I have written several short stories, dozens of poems (most of which are offline and in various states of revisions) and I have about half a dozen novels in various states of completion. Sadly, none of them have been finished, but I am working on that.

If there is anything else anyone wishes to know, ask; I promise I don't bite. :)

Until the next stretch of wings...
the Phoenix
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