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still waiting!!

God I hate waiting!!!!

It's Thursdy, you guys and I'm still waiting on thes packages!!!

You were right
This waiting can be a pain especially when you ask and the answer comes back "Nope, nothing yet."

Girhrhrhrhrhrhr!!! I' want, them, now, now, now!!!! I said now,damn it, now, bnow, now!!! lol OK I'll stop, now, it's just that they're sending UK chocolates and I want to see how they taste. I just hope my dad doesn't eat them. That's the one thing I'm afraid of. My dad's a real chocolate lover ad those things inthe freeser will drive him insane. I don't think my freeser works well enough to keep them frosen as well as would be necessary.

Oh well, I think there's a drawer in the freezer, so I'll tell my mom to hide them in there. I don't mean to be selfish with them, it's just that they were sent for me and not them. Maybe i'm being that way, but right now I don't care.
I hope this finds alll in good spirits.

The Phoenix
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