The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

Someone help, please?

I have an odd problem in outlook 2003...

I'm in the process of changing my folder structure so that I have a folder for each group separately, and in doing so, I accidentally placed a folder in a spot where I didn't want it to be. The folder was called book talk, and it placed it by default in my group correspondences folder. I didn't want it there, I wanted it in my main folder list. So I tried going into the group correspondences folder so I could delete the fubfolder "book talk" but every time I tried, it asked me if I wanted to delet the entire group corespondences folder. I smacked enter on "no" and tried it again. I assumed it was asking me the same question, so I tabbed over to where I thought it said "no" and smacked the spacebar this time, which is essentially the same as smacking enter. After that, though, I can no longer see the group correspondences folder in te main folder list, *or* in the deleted items folder. But heres the odd thing. It shows up in the "move" dialog (the list of folders that shows up when you hit control plus shift plus V). But... *not* in the main folder list itself. I don't know whether I just hid them or what, but when the folder disappeared, it had two unred messages in it, and now when I pull up rules, some rules have ")for other machine)" after them, which makes absolutely no sence to me.

... help? please?

the Phoenix

PS, would the moderator of blindpeople have a fit if I posted this there? I'm at a loss, and this is really starting to irk me. Probably more than it should, but there we are.
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