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Pole, take 2

For those of you who are unaware of the goings on around here, I am going off to the Guide Dog Foundation to get my very first guide dog. However, I need the help of yall to finalize something. My training space needs a name! So...
Poll #1195450 What should I call my guide dog journal?

I don't want to use my real name for my journal, nor do I want the word dog to be in the title. So what other name should I use?

phoenix_rising (4)
eyesofthephoenix (7)
phoenix_in_ny (3)
phoenixinflight (6)
Other (was suggested I use my regular journal for posting)

If you have another suggestion other than the "use same journal," what would it be?

Those of you who have voted in the first pole need not do so again; the number of votes are in parenthesies next to the name, I left the percentages out. I will be setting the new journal (whatever the name with the most votes is) up on Sunday night, the night before I fly out to New York to start the training.

I do hope everyone is having a lovely evening.

Until the next stretch of wings...

the Phoenix
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