The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

Happy birthday; day's events

Happy birthday to 3kitties!!! I hope your day was a good one!

We didn't end up going to the water park; Kellen wasn't feeling well with a runny nose and sneasing. So we stayed home. He wasn't a very well behaved child though; he went to the bathroom all in both his underware, and crapped in them too. Once he was sitting in a laundry basket in my room and peed in it, and when it tipped over and rolled, all of it went all over my carpet. I was not too thrilled- especially since I found it by setting my foot right along the edge of a puddle! I found out from Mom that the basket had rolled then; and I was even less pleased. Ug, I seriously hope this is only temporary; the homneymoon is over people.

He was also being nasty to me, telling me no, going all over my room and picking up things without asking; not listening to me when I told him to go watch his movie. He did get in th pool, and I mist that; I was taking a nap. I've had to take several deep breaths today, if this child is teaching me anything, it's certainly more about being grounded!

We went back to the MRC tonight, Mom and I did, anyway, and even though we bought tickets, we didn't win anything in any of the three raffles they had, but being back there was really nice. I got to sing again, and I played my flute a little; Mom brought her drum and played it while there.

We came home to Kellen watching Fival goes west; I told the rest above. He's now in bed after yet another tantrum, dear gods three year olds! I'm not sure what's in store for tomorrow, probably a walk since I haven't been able to get really any in for te last couple of days. We usually have acook-out, even if it's just us in this house; Sometimes, thoughe we *do* have Grandpa over, so I'm not sure what'll hapen yet on that front.

::hugs:: for all and stay safe.

Until the next stretche of wings...

the Phoenix
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