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the first crak at therealljidol

I am...

I hide, I reveal. I cloak, I steal. It is me that is the revealer of truths that some cannot face on their own. Many things I know; many secrets I hold, and I only reveal them to those who will listen; those who are wise to my sounds know them, those who hide in the shadows of me; they are the ones who live my secrets. There are even those who live in me, breathe me in, make their life by me.

I am not only found outside, but inside as well, I am carried by those who know what it is like to be alone, to be scared. Yet others find peace with me, and many more love the comfort I hold for them. Many seak my peace, mental and emotional, and even sometimes, spiritual.

Many like the anonimity I give them, for in my darkness they cannot be seen, I hide them, I cloak them. I reveal my secrets to them, I steal their faces. I reveal their truths to them. I steal their innocence sometimes, and hold it until I find someone who needs it. Then I cloak them in it, swaddle them like a babe with it. To those who call to me, I am there, to those who do not mean to call for me, but do, I am also there.

I steal shapes; turn them into shadows; I steal shadows, turn them into shapes. There are those who know me, and only me; they walk in me wherever they go. I am in them just as surely as the blood in the vaine. They are in me, just as a fish is in the sea. There are those who come to know me, and I scare them, sometimes for a while until they grow used to me; some never do.

Anonimity, it lives where I am, where my shadows fall, there are those who will hear me, every time I fall. They will hide in me. In me, they are free; in me, none will see. In me they have anonimity. Yet in me, sometimes they find themselves, yet in me, they see themselves. They, the ones who find their way through me, THey are the ones who are strong, they are the ones then, who will always know their way, They will never again be truly led astray.

I am the night; I will not reveal my own; in me they are never alone. For I am their comfort, their life: I am their strength. I am their friend, from now until their journey's end.

the Phoenix

This has been my entry for therealljidol on the free topic: anonimity.
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