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Foundlling child...

My own true child,
One so wise and wild
Found at long last
Out of the past
You wated long
While the days' song
Spread her wings wide
Still your heart cried
To see us as friends
When all was at ends
To see us again
yet you knew not when
The mother will hear
Her child most dear
In her keen mind
A love she'll find
Despite all the years
She's shed many tears
You she's sure to find
distance is not a bind
Family then
Wil have met when
You she has found
Joy will abound
Sep'rate ne'r more
Will you be for
you will have then
found your true friend.

OK all, tell me what you think. I know I'm not very good at posting sagas and such, but...well this kinda came to me after I read the lyrics to the song that calya posted and some of this has been on my mind lately due to some rather interesting dream images I've been getting. Though I don't want to post them as of yet because...well they're rather personal. LOL

The Phoenix
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