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second tribute

OK...I'm in the mood to write, sorry yalls,

But here's another tribute.
This one's somewhat shorter, but no the less important. It is to a girl this time by the name of Nefertiti. Her main claim to fame at the moment, LOL, is that I have asked her to help with a Spanish translation and she has agreed. She and I also have some of the same music interests as we both like Creed and some others. She's a little younger than I with a very nice voice and a very playful personality. She, too is loyal to friends and will do all in her power to help those she considers that. She has been on my MSN for the past two or three days, but we've not yet used that medium to full potential as most of our conversations, again, have been on our place. LOL As I've said our place is good for making friendships and those that have been made and stay made are all the more precious. Not that I have forgotten the friends I have made earlier in life, those will never, never be forgotten as they have grown throughout the years and have been in a very real way, the sustenance for further development...but, new friends are just as precious as old ones.

I hope all are well and I think I will leave you all with these posts for now...hope to write again soon.

The Phoenix
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