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Lord Wilmore!!!!

LOL hey alls,

This here is a tribute to someone that most know, or should know. With the exception of a few at any rate.

John from Belgium. If I would've had this journal soon after another person and I had met, I would've done the same for them as well. However...

John from Belgium. The one who's put me in touch with my writer's side as afro_thunder did with my musical talents. Someone, despite the hardness of his much longer life is one of the most tenderhearted persons I've ever met. He loves, he laughs and he even understands. He knows without knowing he observes all and misses nothing. He sees the best in people and the worst in others. Sometimes he is not one to give chanses, for if he doesn't like a voice he will not stay for most of it. He very rarely trusts, or should I say he does not trust easily, but with those whom he does trust he is unerringly loyal. John, AKA The count of Monte cristo, or also known as, Lord Wilmore, is someone that if given a chance will prove to be an asset to whom ever he counts as a friend. But whatever you do, do not betray the trust he places in you, do not play with his feelings, do not betray him or it would have been better that you did not know him at all, it would have been better that you did not even hear his name mentioned for he will avenge swiftly and most severely. He will leave you with nothing but the taste of your own bitter medicine in your mouth. I am glad, however, to count him among my friends, albiet the more recent of them. Our place is good for making such friends and if I am able to keep them, it is all the better.

The Phoenix *loving the weather!!!*

PS Yeah, I know that was totally random, but that's the type of mood I'm in right now.
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