The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

celebration was top hole!!

Hello all you phoenix fans,I had a pretty good day yesterday, but last night was even better!! Mom and I went to TP Hoolihans, but Michael Baily wasn't there!! Oh man...gunna be a boring one....obut it wasn't!! The guy there, Tommy, did a lot of the song I knew and liked. "Wiled Colonial Boy" twice, "Whisky in the Jer" twice, "Dirty Old twon," The Town I loved So Well," "No nay Never," "The Irish Rover," "Mountain Dew," "The Black Velvet Band," and many others. I had two guinnes, lovely things, they are, and I also had an Irish BLT, which is a sandwich made with Irish baccon, lettice and tomato and comes with coe slaw and cottage fries. Cottage fries are actually waffle fries and they are quite good. We stayed at hoolihan's for two hours and then we came home. I talked to Veronica for a bit, then I went to bed.

Today's been pretty uneventful. Ient to chutrch with Mom, even though I really didn't want to. It was nice, though and the sermon was good, so in the end I didn't mind going. I just feel that sometimes I do things because I am afraid of what Mom will say. I know I shouldn't care, but when Mom said that she wanted me to come to church with her, I said yes because I was afraid that if I didn't I would never hear the end of it. How I should come because of this, that and the other.I mean, it probably wouldn't be like that, but just the thought of it. I dunno why, but sometimes I feel like she's running my life by being suttly persuasive and it's not fair. I want you to do this, I would like you to do thhat...sure I have everyeright to say no, but it's one of those things where if I say no, then what? I knew she didn't want to go by herself, so in order to keep her from doing so, I felt that it my duty to go with her.
I came home and took a swim for a bit before I came in and got online. I've also been correcting some writing for some of the day, had a voice chat on MSN, then my dialup provider dropped me, and I came back on to find that someone had messaged me to come to our place and that's where I am now. Jack and others have come in and out and I've been here for quite a bit now...and will probably stay for a bit longer.
I love the weather right now, though. It's nice and warm, breezy without being hot and the birds are out. I've been hearing a mockingbird's calling for the last ten minutes or so and it is absolutely lovely.

ASo update's finished and I will be off.

The Phoenix
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