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Attention: All parents/and others who deal with children. I'm asking you not to skip this cut, just this once.

Please pass this message along to as many parents as you can please.
I am absolutely sick to my stomach over this one. This is NOT an e-mail spoof, nor is it some scam that will be de-bunked by Snopes. Please, if you are
a parent, an aunt, an uncle, a grandparent, this is a life-and-death serious PSA.


In the news today is a story about the recall of some Australian toy. Apparently it was their 2007 toy of the year. It is called Bindeez.

Great toy, huh? Oh Hell No!!!

These toys have been found to contain the "date rape" drug, GHB. It is debilitating to adults, and can be lethal to children. Way To Go China!!

A few links to today's news stories:


From CNN:

From Fox News:,4670,ToysDateRapeDrug,00.html

The product called "Bindeez" in Australia is called Aqua Dots!!! in the US.

I did a search of for "Bendeez". This is what came up:

Credit to one of my LJ friends for sending me a personal e-mail before this even came to light:

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to put a warning out there to not buy Aqua Dots for your kids. We bought them for Kayla and she loved them. She never got tired of playing
with them. Well, on Tuesday, Jack decided they looked like candy and ate some. He started throwing up and lost consciousness. He was unconscious for about
5-6 hours and in the Pediatric ICU at the children's hospital. All of his tests came back normal and all of the scans did as well. The doctors couldn't
figure out what was going on with him. They said the only thing that might have caused him to react like that was ingesting isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol,
but he hadn't done that. He had no reflexes and his pupils were small the whole time. Finally, he came out of it and eventually went back to the little
bundle of energy that we all know and love, and he is out of the hospital now. I did some more research online, and found some posts that said that similar
things have happened to other kids, and that the coating of the beads is some kind of alcohol.

Those were the worst days of my life. We had the Aqua Dots out of Jack's reach and he had never tried to eat them or anything like that before; this was
the first time. I know we should have kept a better eye on him. Do any of us have our eyes only on our kids every moment of every day? Now we are working
to get these recalled, or at least a better warning on them saying that they are toxic, but it all takes time and a lot of kids getting sick before something
is really done. Please pass this along to any other parents you know. These Aqua Dots made the list of the 12 hottest toys for Christmas list, so many
will be sold this holiday season. I am so afraid that this will affect many more kids. What happened to Jack wasn't even that bad compared to what has
happened to other kids out there. Others have gone into respiratory failure and had to be on ventilators.


Thank you all for taking a moment to read this!

I was in Toys R Us yesterday, and this toy is still prominently displayed. Please do not buy it, and if your child (or someone you love) has it, please
throw it away.

There is a special place in Hell for these people.

Agreed... I need say no more...
edit: SOrry about earlier, have fixed the HTML

the Phoenix
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