The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix


Yesterday saw me making the now weekly trip to MRC to get the rest of the stuff I need for Samhain. I've scaled down my plans just a bit for the candles, but other than that I have just about everything I need, and the one or two things I didn't get can be added in later. I've met a really nace man there, who seems very willing to help me develop certain things, which is quite nice, I think. Other than that and the usual RP tags/loong night out session, a few musical transfers (both sending and recieving), not much else went on.

Today's guitar lesson focused on power chords and teaching us how to keep time and different techniques on how to mute the strings. Other than the ride coming a bit earlier than expected, something I'm getting used to, the lesson went really well, and I even got lunch out of the deal, which was super awesome. :p

Then later on my dad made pork chops in one of those stand-alone steamers, and they were pretty good, too. Now I'm just chillin' in front of the computer and about to jump online for a bit.

Have a good Saturday, everybody! ::hugs::

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