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home...sweet? home.

OK all you readers out there,

I have made it home safe and sound and again have internet access...needless to say. I was totally like....well...being agrivated by my dad again. He knows basically all about my omputer problems now, some of wich are partly my doing because I waited too long to call. I'm so used to having to do unnecessary things, that I just sort of forget that I do them. For example, I have to hit the space bar several times beforemy system boots up. I know I shouldn't have to do this, but now it's become such a normal thing, that I just don't think about it anymore. I thought my flopy was dead, but he was able to fix that plus my burner. So now I am back among the lucky ones who can burn CD's. Yea!!!...or was. I just checked my comp and it's not showing up again...damn!! LOL Oh well, just as long as the floppy works, we're all right. So, I guess that's it for nwo. Just to let you know, I've already been yelled at for not having all my shit together before I left my dad and he was getting frustrated with me yesterday because I was trying to tell him where the speakers go, and he just wasn't gunna listen to me...go figure. Right I'm gone for real now and I'll probably post again soon.

The Phoenix
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