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day I go home

Hey all you phoenix fans,

Today is the day I go home...*sigh*. I'm sort of looking forward to it because now I get to sleep in my own bed. I'm just hoping that dad doesn't take forever to set up my comp. I want to at least be able to use by either tonight or tomorrow. I'll have a phone by tomorrow, yea!! So for those who have my number, it will be usable by Thursday instead of Saturday. For those who want it...well go ahead and let me know and I will more than likely give it to you. LOL Any way, I totally am forgetting to write in hare about an awesome new friend I met a couple of days ago on our place. He is writing a book, which gives us something in common and I am glad for that. There are a lot of other things we have in common, but some are way too deep and somewhat personal to put here.I may make a friends only later explaining a little more. Anyway, I'll try to write when I get home, but most lijkely I won't write till tomorrow. All of you have a good night.

The Phoenix *going home is bittersweet*
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