The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix


I hate when this happens!!!

I like am sooo stressing right now because I was cleaning out in-boxes and deleted a folder with a final in it!! Thing is I didn't remember the final wis in that folder till after itwas too late. This particular final is due thursday and it is for one of theclasses I am seriously concerned for. I'm hoping the teacher will e-mail it back to me and give me a little more time, but he can't give me much more as the grades have to be in by Monday. I was justsooo pissed when that happened!!! Anyway I leave tomorrow for home...and I found out that the summer program isn't till June twenty third which means I'll be home for about a moth and three weeks or so instead of just a month. I know that might not seem like much longer, is if you wanna think about it. Longer that I have to keep thinking that I'll be out for good one of these days...longer to have to put up with time reminders and stuff like that...Anyway I guess that's it for now except for the fact that all this stress is still causing me to sleep rather weirdly and I am still getting up at insanely earlr hours. I'm hoping that when I go home and all the stress of finals is gone, this will change. Don't be surprised if I don't pose right away when I get home. I'll be unpacking, refiling CD's and stuff like that. I'm hoping I can get mom to help me as a lot of my CD's need lablind. Well, I guess I'll go for now and I hope to be able to write sooner than later.

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