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Waiting....for what?

hey Guys,

I am supposed to be going to a superbowl party at a pub on campus, but my ride's noe here yet, so while I wait I'll update the phoenixfans.
I wentto a hockey game last night and went totally crazy. They played music during the game which i found no reason not to dance along and sing along to. I had a cranberry and of hte better drinks. LOL The everglades lost, but it was still enjoyable.
The computer problems are slowly being sorted and my homework's getting done despite all tye things I'm doing on the side. I have a few more chapters and a few more pages of a paper, but I'm doing all I can to stay afloat and keep my sanity. LOL It's been fun to stay on the weekends, though and getto do a lot more than I would if I were at home. Even if the superbowl party doesn't happen, I'll still be OK...maybe a little let down...but OK.
I guess that's it afor the day...or week. LOL
Stay safe, be good to one another and don't forget to cherish those you love.
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