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All nighters...wonderful things!!

Good what ever, phoenix fans,

I bulled an all nighter on Friday night to Saturday and slept all day yesterday, so am about to do the same again LOL Anyway I like all nighters, sometimes, I gues it's because they're achange from the everyday day time stuff. I don't think I could keep this up for long, but there we are.

I'll probably sit down an work on a final or do some more of a paper. Mom's coming later on today, so that should be fun...yeah right!! LOL Anyway, she's gunna take all the non esential stuff home with her, except for my crystals and shells. At least the four big ones...I'll pack the smaller ones in a box and maybe hid them somewhere, but who knows. I did clean my room a bit and remade my bed which put some serious pain into my back for a while, but what else is new there? Just as long as it goes away quick, it's OK. Anyway, I guess I should go now and continue this all nighter. LOL This is sooo much fun!!!! Too bad this'll probably be the last free all nighter I'll be able to do for a while...but that's all for here nor there.

The Phoenix
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