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yea me

OK alls,

I have turned in the wicca paper and have done my presentation ohn Isabel Allende, which means that both of those can be taken off myh to do list. No all I have are the two finals, this quiz and a question which I need to call someone for because I forgot to pick it up while I was in the clas room. I also have the application logs for theories class and a couple of TV interview criteques to go, but with me nearly doing nothing all next week, it shouldn't be all thatt difficult to get all this done.

Anyway I just thoughtI'd let you all knowthat my presentation today went extremely well despite the fact that I seriously procrastinated on it till the last possible minute, and that for the last day or so my network was being a serious bitch as many will know.

I was being kicked from outr place, off MSN, off AIM, and off the internet in general. It was even happening at some point this morning stressing me to the point of where I thought I wouldn't be able to get my audio/visuals done for the presentation. Thank the stars I was, though and now the network's went well and I am now losing more and more of the stress that comes with the end of semester crunch.

So that's me for the night and I shal see you all later.

The Phoenix
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