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Hello all readers!!

Time for an update. LOL Today's been actually pretty good, relatively speaking. I went to my morning class, the writing lab, and had lunch. I did sort of get stuck on campus because the tram wasn't running, but someone was nice enough to take me home, or back to the dorme. The thing is, I had bought some batteries at the book store...and left them in her car!!! I was not all that happy about that. So then I came home and took a nap for a bit and was online for some amount of time. I went to our place where some interesting things started happening. I don't know who may read this so i won't go into that much detale, but let's suffice to say that I was very annoyed, and at one point that annoyance became downright angeredness, pissedness, if you want to know the truth. These things have been going on for several days now, and they are beginning to get very old indeed.

Anyway, I was supposed to meet with this girl for my interview class so that we could practice our interview, but she has yet to show, so I worked again on my panther paper. It is coming a lot easier now, thank the stars, and once I get both of these done, I will be very glad! Then I have this presentation on thursday that can be no longer than ten minutes and I really don't have that much audio/visual stuff, but oh well. Just as long as I do a relatively good job on it, I should be all right. I'm not too worried about this class anyway.

The day has been a lot better than the last week in a lot of respects, and that I am glad for. So...guess that's it and I will write soon.

The Phoenix
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