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Ah, time for a new start

Yes, readers,

It is a new week and classes start for me again today and I probably won't be on much because of all the stuff I will be doing for school. I have a theories final to work on, two papers to take to the writing lab, some research to do on a certain woman for apresentation Thursday, and then a final...I belive it's thursday as well. LOL I'm hoping so, because if that is the case, that will be one les thing to wory about. Anyway. Friday after next is when I go home for the summer, and in some ways it will be a relief not to have to worry about all this stuff. I'm glad I just took it easy yesterday and kinda hung out online a lot. Somehow getting up at about four this morning didn'tseem all that bad. LOL Anyway V called and talked to me a bit about five minutes after I woke up, so that was cool. I was sort of surprised she called, though because it was really early morning for her, but I really didn't care that she called. I always like talking to her.

So, I guess that's it for now and I will write sooner or later. LOL

The Phoenix
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