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Things might? be looking up!! Oh My God!

OK...second update for the weekend.

OK I guess you could say that this week...and last...that class wise everything's perfect...otherwise...well a lot of you already know that shit. LOL Right I don't think I told you about the virus scan i tried to run the night before last, but that's what I updated as it usually does, but when it came up again it couldn't bring up the data base files for the firuses.
I was not aware of this, however, until my Resident Advisor informed me. So you can just emagine the wreck I was before I found this out...Everything had just come crashing in on me, it wasn't just the computer. I still don't have all of my books, I've had to call off and on for class pick up and the other smaller things like the regestry imports just made it where you didn't even what to see me the other night.

However, a computer person came in, only after my RA called and I got the numbers form a person in the admissions office. I kinda felt sorry for him, though, and I wouldn't have done this had we not been talking off and on, but I kinda unloaded a little on him. LOL Then I called Glen to talk about some other things and the computer came up and he's like it's not the end of the world....OK maybe not, but...."What did blind people do when they didn't have computers." Hmmmm....I guess i could put my notes on tape, in fact he told me to and talked of the talking computers in the library...not the point, man!!
Well anyway, the computer person came and and said that the thing that was happening was that norton was taking up the whole screen. So he fixed that and I did tell him about the registry file stuff and he said if it continued to contact him ad he would see about installing windows two thousand on this thing because the four hundred is pushing it forr XP.
If that weren't enough, I dropped my tape player...yet again. It's oK except for the door won't shut tight anymore. It just kinda hangs there. LOL That's the least of my worries att this point in time. I can still use the thing. Thank god! I just kinda wish it wouldn't have happened, now it's just kinda like one more thing I'll have to fix later. LOL However, this weekend's probably gunna be a slo one since I'm gust kinda staying in. All my room mates are still asleep so I'm the only one up.

Well OK so it's another damn long read. Forgive the phoenix, will ya? LOLOL It'll probably be a while before I do this again...not until next week because of classes and stuff. So all of my phoenix fans have a good day...and remember to love each other.

Oh yes, I can't could I congratulate my good friends Jack and Veronica on their upcoming get together. See all yalls next week.
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