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System's being fucking annoying! Still.

Ok you guys...all the phoenix fans,

A week and a half and classes are still enjoyable as hell!! I have a really nice girl in thhree of them, as I've memtioned, and I don't know what I'd do without her way behind, is what I'd be.

OK on to the topic, here, though. System's still being a fucking bitch! I spent about half an hour trying to get the thing to cooperate with me. I talked to my Resident Advisor, but it still takes time for the people to come look at the thing. It's still a twice a day occurrance to import a registry file and reset a lot of the settings the way I like them. I'm getting fucking tired of having to do this. I thought that I wouldn't have to after the first week.

Also I'm soooo damn tense still in my back and shoulders that it is literally cosing me pain. It's like everything's collecting there. Tell you what, though this is still infinitely better than being stuck at home. So I have to deal with homework, so I have to do some other least I don't have them breathing down my neck all the time. My mother...though I love her dearly...was beginning to seriously annoy me, and my Dad's pecimism on the political issues was beginning to grate as well.

OK I guess I can say this is all because I can't think of anything else to write or bitch about. This afternoon was infinitely better than tonight. I just hope tomorrow's better. I'm getting sick of having to im[port registry shit every time i pull up my system!!!
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