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OK yalls

Right readers,

Quickness entry before the class hits.

Here's the final say on this. Last night was the night were V was supposed to fly out, well we thought she had been to airport, but not. Her brother had a diabetical reaction, apparently, and was placed hospital side. So she is now home and the last chance was least for now. Though I'm still fighting with all of me to get these two together. I have not lost hope yet, and me being the optimist, most likely never will. I strongly believe in love and hope and that the two walk hand and hand, so there we are...

So, needless to say I've been like in a million different places, the least of which is school. Storm woke me up again and I went to bed way to early. I slept from ten to three last night, woke up, talked with calya for a bit then tried to get some sleep for a bit. Was able to ly in a half stupor for about an hour and a half till about five and said fuck it and got out of bed. So then it was MSN and this whole thing before and after morning class and this quiz which I did reasonably well on.

Anyway I guess that's it for the time being and I will probably write something before I head off to bed.

The Phoenix
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