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OK alls I just kinda feel like writing before I go off tobed about whatever.

I'm sort of like sitting here wondering why the hell I'm still awake and why it took me so long to realize that this semester's been a real blessing in disguise. All those who I've been friends with, and have been friends to me arevery much appreciated, no matter how long I've known you. I've taken five classes, still workign on projects for some of them. Nearly lost a friend, watch thesame friend lose a sister, nearly had two friends meeting foiled through no fault of theirs, and found that my confidence has taken a turn for the better for the simple fact of being away from my parents. I've found out that my beliefs despite what my parents think, are my own. I'm finding myself down here slowly but surely. Whether I'll completely find myself down here is so beyond me right now that I don't even want to think aboutit. I've justnow started exploring the inklings I've had for years that are outside my own belief system under the heading...research paper. I've justnow realized the fact that I am me and that I have the freedom to be me outside of family and all that.
Problem is...all this freedom seems to be short lived as this summer the handcuffs will be locked and my parents, especially my mother, will hold the key. My dad's a stickler for time only when he sleeps on the couch.
Mom's even more a stickler for time and I hve no idea why. Like this past weekend, she was asking at eleven o'clock if I was going to be using my laptop still and I said I might. She said that there was no might about it, that it was eleven o'clock and time for bed. Sure it was Sunday night and I nhad class on Monday, but when you've slept for four hours it's a little hard to drift off. I got lucky that night, though and was able to fall asleep rather aquickly.

Still the transportation's gunna be a problem as here I can just jump on the tram relatively easily and go somewhere, except for on the weekends. All that will be gone when I go back home, back to the phone and computer life unless I can find a way to tet my door to door to overlook ther supposedly medical trip only, policy and take me places. I'd like to do some volunteering this summer just to keep myself from going insane. Anyway, this is just me two or three weeks from school's end rambling about what may be perseived as torture from here to home. I will write soon, I expect when I'm more awake and not so deep minded.

The Phoenix
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