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public entry for once.

this is for those who have added me and don't have English as their first journaling language.

If you use spanish, fine, because my screen reader can deal with that, and I can figure out what you're saying by that.

However, those of you who have other languages that are not in my screen readers *very limited* supply of languages, I will not add you, simply because I will not be able to enjoy your journals as they are meant to be enjoyed, and not out of any rudeness to you personally. However, if you are willing to put at least a sentence or two describing the gist of your entry, I may consider doing so. the two who have done this are _edel_ and e_shmeleva I hate calling you both out, but your journalling language isn't something my screen reader can handle. Being blind, unfortunately, does have some drawbacks. If you're adding me to get a better sense of Inglish, comment, and I may considder adding you. However, don't expect comments from me. I'm trying to be flexible here, but having to go through what sounds like blank lines and silences in the screen reader's speaking does get annoying very very fast.

I hate being this way, but I just can't see adding people whose journals I am not able to read properly.

the Phoenix
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