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OK alls,

Here's the update on it all.

I've been up since about three thirty this morning mainlhy due to a storm that passed this way. Wind, rain and all. No thunder, just wind and rain. The wind was so strong, though, that it was blowing the rain up against the windos of my room...actually I only have one window in my room and the sound of the rain blowing against it made me wonder if I was going to even be able to make it to class or not.
It's weird, though, because usually if I'm a sleep when a storm comes through I can stay asleep. Not this time, however. About an hour later I knew why. So I've been up since about three thirty this morning, EST, mind, with only a one hour nap, and I would do the whole thing over again if necessary.
I did make it to both classes, though, albiet on a caffine high and after spending about four and a half hours on the phone before the morning one, which was something that was not in the least bit a problem!
Looking at the sky this morning, though you would have not been able to tell that there was even a storm last night. The only evidence was the wetness on the grass and stuff. Anywy on to the update...

Veronica is in the air and on her way. Only After the stunts pulled by some friends to get her there.

The cab driver dropped and left her in the long place, so her fother had to come pick her up and take her back home. Needless to say she missed her nine thirty flight that they thought the ticket was lost for. We managed, with some major ass string pulling, to get her on a five thirty PST flight out that that left today, which means she should be in the air now. I am exceptionally grateful to all those who sent out energies, prayers and whatnot to get this thing of the ground. Not to mention I am eternallly grateful to Aerikah who took the bulk of the responsibility onto her shoulders.

Anyway I was tired, red eyed all through class this afternoon, but now, with some food in me and a few drinks down me, not all of them non alcoholic, I am feelin' good and awake.

I hope all of you have a good day and week.

The Phoenix
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