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my day in the works

Hey all,

I've had a rather interesting day today as some of you readers may know.

Start with this morning when I packed everything up for school, left the house with my grandma in tow. I had everything....except for my key. So we had to borrow one to get in to my apartment and in to my room. That's when mom realized she forgot my sheets for my bed.

I had class and a study session, during the class, Mom and Grandma went grocery shoping for food and stuff I ndeed for the rest of the semester.

Anyway after class, we went and had lunch and put away the groceries. Then we went hometo pick up the key, the sheets, and I had mom grab the tin whistle that I had forgotten as well. That will be a welcome distraction from the classes I have.

Anyway, on the way home I got a call from one of my friends saying that she had V on the was not all that good. It turned out all right, but I'll just say here that at the time I was ready to curse every single airport in reach of my hugely expanded mind.

V had gone to check the ticket, and no information. So...needless to say she was not all that pleased. I had two other friends besides V on the phone with me and all of us were pissed, to say the least.

So Mom ran in to get the stuff and I stayed on the phone all the way to school.

Then i was off it for a bit and got online....damned good thing I did. I was sitting going through e-mails. When AerikahMessaged about V and I called to tell her about the problem with the flight. After a flurry of Drops and pick ups, Aerikah, V and I were on the phone. Brittish airways was to be had by way of tell me on Aerikah's end and we figured out how to get around the menus and found the flight. It was to leave at nine thirty PST from L A.

So that was that. After about an hour and a half, things tot straightened out, yea!! Later though, about five ago she called and said that she was going to half to cab it to the air port. Poor girl's gunna be spending a pretty penny on the taxi, but by now she's beyond caring because she wants to get there, and get there now.

Anyway after the flight straighten out, Mendi and I talked for a bit, and I went on our placefor a while and did sone songs.

And...well I guess that's my day and I'll write tomorrow.

I know this is usually not my style. Tell and leave all in the same state of driness, but I'm extremely exhausted as having been up since about six this morning without a nap.

till tomorrow,

The Phoenix
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