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I guess since I'm awake I may as well write in here. LOL

I took too long a nap, so now I'm going to be up half the night, which isn't really a problem for me. I'm almost done with Holding the Dream, the second in a trilogy by Nora Roberts. I like it, but admittedly it's not as good as the Key trilogy, or the Three Sisters Island trilogy. I do like Margo Kate and Laura though, and she makes the characters real. I don't know, I guess there isn't as much action or something.

So yeah, I'm home, and I still need to call for voice lessons, because I've yet to do that. I also need to send out some information to the Division of Blind Services down here because I've been lazy and not done that. Other than that and dealing with the usual household chores, laundry, unloading the dishwasher, feeding the ats (which really is no chore at all) not much has been going on in these parts.

We have our car bac, sans antilock breaks because the senser blew when they were replacing the break hubs and stuff and it would be another five hundred bucks to replace the senser because they would have to remove it again, so both the parents put the cabosh on that.

Mom's home for now from her job at the school, and she'll be here for about a week and a half or two before she jets off to Ireland and Scotland for two weeks. I'm not really jealous of her, OK maybe I am just a little, but I'm really sort of glad she's going without me the first time, that way when I do go with her, she knows what I will and won't like and what has hands on stuff for me and what doesn't, and she won't be busy doing the first time touristy ooing and awing, LOL

I really haven't been getting that much writing done, much to the dismay of my muses. OK not much writing outside of the role play I'm currently indulging in. I might be able to get some done this weekend, however as my only partner in this particular set of RP events is out of town for the weekend. Mom and I plan to go to Flea masters this weekend as well, so that should prove to be enjoyable.

Oh and I have just found out something that the rest of you RP people have known for a damn long time:
character bios=Role player's best friend. LOL Seriously, I never realized how much character bios keep you in line, even if it's just the basic, here's the looks, heres the history, here's the personality. I used to hate bios because I thought they had to be these huge deals. Not so much.

OK so now that I've rambled on for long enough I suppose I'll post this and call it an entry.

the Phoenix
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