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OK, since I think this is such a cool idea, I am stealing it. This is inspired by some friends that I have had the privelege of meeting through others, and from whom I've learned a lot. However, I am doing three because they're pretty short, or should be anyway.

1. Joe Sleighbau. This kid was really cool, and I found out some years after I was out of the blind school where we both were,that he had died of canser. Joe was just a really neat kid and he would always win the crazy hair days during our spirit weeks. One year he had his hair done in all kinds of little balls on his head.

Kid was a smart ass, though, and because of that a lot of people didn't like him. I sometimes felt like I was the only one who hung around with him, and I remember one time he wanted someone to play cards with him in the student center, he had sort of shouted it for general purposes, and I was the only one who came to play with him. I remember him thanking me afterwords and I really think I made hids night that night. That was the end of my sophomore or junior year or something. Then I found out about two months later that he had died. I still remember him, even though I didn't know him real well, he still sticks with me. I guess because I remember making his day or something, and I remember that he was kind of different and I still liked him even though some of those differences didn't really endear him to a lot of people. I also remember him being one of the few who would hang out when I would bring my ham radio into the wilson boy's dorm.

OK so maybe I'll do one a day, I seriously think this is cool.

the Phoenix
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