The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix


I love the stuff.

oh and since I'm here I may as well do the letter meme.
aerdran gave me the leter F.
Florida. Hell, it's where I live right now, do I need to say more?
Fingers. I read Braille with them, I play the flute with them ....they're the only way I can see...LOL
Friends. The true treasures of this world, and the family you choose.
Felines. I have three, and I love them, as well as others!!!
chrisondra gave me the leter M.
Music. Duh!! It's my world, or half of it anyway.
Making friends. Though sometimes I feel like I stretch myself too thin.
Manna Reading Center. This is the place where I find that I fit the most spiritually. It's a store that katers to alternative spiritualities.
Metiphysics. This is something I've been interested in for a number of years, and still don't know that much about.
Maintaining a healthy balance. This is something I try to do, but isn't as easy as it looks.

I'll get to the questions later. LOL But anyone else that wants to give me a letter, so I can list five things with that letter is welcome to do so.

the Phoenix
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