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She's baaaaack!!!!

Hello all,

After calling Dell for about a week and getting no answer from Ian....hahahaha....

A technician showed up yesterday and gave me a brand new hard drive!!! And, a nice new keyboard that includes a down arrow key!!! Swhwhwhwhwhwhwheeeeet!!!

I still don't know whether any of the information on the old hard drive is recoverable, but we'll see. One of the tech guys from FGCU gave me a number of a place to call to see about doing that so I'm gunna call them and see what they say.

It's just nice not to have to sit here and close out half a dozen programs before I start using my machine. But since I essentially lost everything I'm going to need som information from certain people regarding certain sites...

I'm also going to need a link to MSG plus, flash FXP, winrar and anapod explorer, oh yes and winamp, too.

The messengers are easy enough to find I already have MSN messenger. Now it's off to find AIM and Yahoo and skype...

and anything else I need.

I'm also officially done with classes, and the only thing I have left to worry about are finals next week. I also had to do some stuff wit hthe financial aid, which i did this morning. After all of this, and the computer being fixed, finally, I fee like things are starting to turn around after the two ratehr shitty weeks I've had. I appologize to those I wis bitchy to, and I'm sorry I haven't been online much. I will be playin catch up to some extent, but wit the community entries...well, yeah, I may be skipping some of htose for righe now.

I am going home this weekend, and I will be using this nice spiffy new laptop, for essentially, that's what it is, to check emails and keep updated on F-list. So expect the number of emails to certain lists to sky rocket. LOL

It's so f***ing good to be back!!!

The Phoenix, who's still drueling over the speed of her laptop.
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