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Man what a last couple of days!

OK all,

I just feel like writing, so here we go.

I am now a writer for my college news paper and I have to get something in there by next Tuesday along with all the other shit I'm doing. My choice really...OK so let me lead you up to this.

It was sometime last week when I was eating at the Eagle cafe with my room mate and a friend of hers. THe friend mentioned that he was writing for the newspaper and I asked what they did. He said like campus events and stuff and I kinda was like...well... But then Holly mentioned that I could do news stuff from the net and writ an article from that. I thought about disability stuff and someone else gave me the idea of opinion pieces.

So I go to talk to him, all well and good. No problem whatsoever. In fact it was so easy it was almost scary. Anyway while I was there the majors came up as usual and they were talking about web broadcasting and so I may even become a dj for the web-based radio station here...coolness!!

Right that's done. Now I guess it's back to the same old stuff...not that our place is ever the same. LOL It's just the homework that is. I've gotten a little farther on the panther one, but the wicca one is just sitting there right now. I'm not as worried for that one as I am the panther one. I'm sort of beginning to panic because I don't have ten sources unless you count the six websites, one book and three articles I've found. Only thing is, only two of my sources can be web sites and I am having a hell of a time finding stuff that's not PDF. If anyone knows if kurzweil version eight has a virtual printer feature, I've very much appreciate it if they would let me know. It would help me immensely as I have found a lot of stuff out there that's PDF and can work with that.

Anyway five to ten pages single space and at least ten sources is beginning to drive me to the point of insanity since I only have a tenth of that double spaced. It's supposed to be in APA style, which may help more than hinder this time around.

I did get a B on my paper for lit class on what is a woman, so that was cool. This last question was a doozy, though and I feel like I focused too much on one reading and not at all on others, which now looking back on it, I don't think I should have done because it makes me look like that was the only one I read.

Oh well, next time around, I suppose. I'm about to sit here and listen to that lovely phone post again. Thank you calya, it was lovely. The first time I listened to it it nearly made me cry. I looove it!!! And if you hadn't told me you were still a little sick, I would never have known by that powerful voice of yours. It's absolutely wonderful.

OK yalls, I guess I'm out for now and I'll write later.

The Phoenix
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