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Cats, home going, and fencing

Tonight has been rather an interesting one, as I decided at the last minute, so to speak that it would be fun to go to a fencing club meeting with a friend of mine who told me that the coach knew how to train a blind person. Nice...the blades are always engaged so that the person knows where the apponent is. But, whew talk about painful in the stretching department. Nothing like stretching unused runner's muscles to make you realize how out of shape you are. I learned the basic foot work, advance, retreat, cross over advance and retreat, and the blade positions. It was actually quite fun, and I'm thinking about going back again after break.

Mom called me before I left to tell me that dad had taken the cat in, but she didn't know what it was. She called, per my request, while I was at the fencing club, and I called her back. Here's the official report for all who wish it.
sex: male
name: Brandin Morgan. I will probably end up calling it Brendin since that's what stuck in my mind...but dad said that Brendin sounded to much like Brenda. Come on, mam! It doesn't in my mind, but then again, I guess I have different sound nuances than most. But since it's Brandin Morgan, I'm quite satesfied with the combination of manes. However, it will be week when he gets the shots and the declawing in the front done which means that I will be there for the home coming of Brandin. Um...I hope to all the gods that I can keep myself together for that. I'm not too keen on the declawing, but I can't stop it, and it's either the claws go or Brandin does. I'm not sure how old he is, though it's almost been two weeks since we first brought him in, so however old he is ad about twelve days to that...or I will when I go home, and by that time, it'll be two weeks. It doesn't seem like that long, but there we are.
As a result of all of this nice little running around, I didn't do any homework at all this afternoon, nor did I take a nap. I'll probably be up late tonight as Andy is coming over to take me to Baldy's for a little bit and I'll probably have something to eat over there Mmmm...we'll have to see, though..

I am going home on Friday and will be updating you on the happenings there since I will have net access from there. Be warned, however ,that I may not be on until late at night, sometime after nine thirty or ten or something. I probably won't do any homework tomorrow as I will be rearranging my suitcase by taking out all the clean clothes and replacing them with the dirty ones. It's one of the reasons I'm having mom pick me up instead of taking Lee Tran home. I just have this problem with carting this suitcase on the campus shuttle, then onto the Lee Tran bus. It's more the campus shuttle that I have the issue with as the Lee Tran people don't particular care what you bring with you. I've known of some people who have said that they take there paratransit systems on airport runs, and I know damn well that suitcases are most often required for those.

In any case, i'm rambling now, so I suppose I'll close this entry for now and go out and enjoy myself for the evening. *hugs to all*

The Phoenix
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