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OK you guys,

Here's the first in a saga of four so far. Again this is a work in progress. I cut it because it is rather lenghty.

This is one of my earlier works and I had the pleasure of writing this within the space of a half an hour.

Twin Swords

She was the rainbow stone in the white background,
He was the white stone in the rainbow background.
He was the colors combined to make white,
She was all the colors that were white.
They were the ones who would fight each other
They would fight sister against brother.
But he cared for her secretly,
She cared for him secretly
They would soon resolve the fears,
With love and two caring tears.
One white belonged on her side, oh so very bright,
One rainbow belonged on his side, oh so very bright!
Then together they'd fight,
The darkness against the light
Both on the same bright sword,
Both to claim a great reward.
To be held by the princess of the night
Who in turn fought for the light
Oh how proud they were to say
"We have fought for the light of day!"
This was the greatest fight of the age
The fight between Jenalisa and Nightsage.
The first was the darkness that was darker than the darkest night,
The second, the greatest on the side of light.
Jenalisa was given far too many chances,
Far too many overlooks and forgiving glances.
Nightsage was angered because the Darkness tried to kill the Light,
There was to be a balance, not too much now, There had to be a balance, not too little now.
The fight was for the balance, and not more than that, Jena's fight was for power and all of that.
She wanted to rule the realms both of them,
She wanted sage's daughters, all four of them.
Sage wanted peace, for both realms,
She wanted to see her children grow up to see both realms.
The first blow was struck by the sword, the one with the blade of white.
But wait there was no stone in sight!
Both stones were in Sage's hand,
Both in balanced and in the Princess' command.
Sage could barely control these two,
But wait, the words of a prophecy ring true.
They will fight with the princess,
When her worlds and life are in distress.
They will bring about peace and freedom for all who hear
The music at the end loud and clear.
The second blow knocked from Jena's hand her powerless sword
And Jena fell unconscious and was floored.
Those who heard her fall
Rushed to carry her from the hall.
She left and fled far away
And now they're balanced, night and day.
The music was heard by all
And there was celebration in that great hall.
All of Sage's children were there.
All four girls, young and fair.
Now you will always know how the pattern came to stay.
How day follows night and night follows Day.
During the celebration She stayed in hers to claim her reward,
But he returned to his to claim his reward.
The princess' children watched her leave with the Mage in toe
And many were surprised to see him with her go.
The people watched as they flew out of sight
Each carrying in their hand a sword with its own light.
One for the night
And one of the daylight.
Now two carry these lights across the sky
And we watch time after time again as they go by.
The princess, sage, carries the sword of light,
And River, the mage carries the sword of the night.
It will hurt your eyes to look at the one, The princess, she carries the sun. The other calls the lovers to look and swoon, The Mage, he carries the moon. These are the rewards That belong to the Twin Swords, To be carried on high By royalty through a planet's brilliant sky.
For eternity or until the Will is done.
Then still the balance will have won.

Hope you enjoyed it. I will be posting more later.

The Phoenix
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