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The worst is over

Sorry for those who see this twice...

Doreen's with a friend. She is still not completely out of the woods, but the worst is over. The friend who is calling (not the same friend that Doreen is currently with)said that they mest up her ear on accedint, so now she's having balance issues; they also put Doreen on a new medication, which isn't helping her balance any, so Doreen's with a friend. She also has a mild concussion from someone who ran into her on last week's ski trip, so the friend is helping her and helping to take care of Doreen's guide tdog, Harp, so that Doreen can rest. She isn't to lay down and sleep, she's to do it sitting up. The friend who is keeping me updated says she should be home by Monday.
I'm extrememy grateful for the support here. Keep it coming, please.

The Phoenix
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