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God, what a damned long one!!

LOL readers,

OK aso it's not as long as allthat but I still really haven't done much except for go to class in the morning, eat lunch at the pub again, come home, take a nape talk to people on AOL and MSN, go to our place to sing a few and do homework.
I've tgot a little bit more of this wicca paper done and I am still working on the Florida panther one, though that one's gunna give me pains before all is said and one. I'm still needing calming and creative energies and prayers to get through the rest of this semester and I'm hoping that I come out with B's!!! Please, please, please! LOL

Also I want to thank calya for that little piece she posted for me. It really does mean a lot. I tell ya wahat, I've met so many of my best friends via the internet. Soon to be a year for one, no...three I think. or two. LOL Anyway It's been one hell of a ride, I'll tell ya that much. I'm more afraid of the summer ride than anything else. I'd try to get out this summer except for i have a seven week summer program that I'm participating in in the middle of my summer break, so there we are.
Antyway I guess that's it for now and i will writ when I get the chance.

The Phoenix
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