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la la la...

ah, the nonmotivational Saturday...

Short story reading is in order for me pretty soon, but before that I suppose I should go ahead and update this small corner of the web I call my own.

I would like to thank afro_thunder for the lovely skype this afternoon and the music he sped me. Good stuff my friend. I am also (hopefully) going to get some Role play in this night if all goes well. Someone said that he would take me up to Tampa for game, but I just called his girl and she told me that two of his tires were popped and that she is wheezing, even after abuterol, and that he is on his way over tto take care of the dogs that she is sitting for while she heads for the ER. Which means that game may not be happening. This will make me a very very disappointed thepheenixeyri, however, if that is what is to happen, there isn't much I can do about it. It just means that I will be getting more homework done and perhaps have more free time tomorrow and Monday. I do hope we can pull off the Tampa trip, though. I really do miss Role playing, though, you probably couldn't tell in here, since I don't write about it much. But ... yeah, I miss it.

So now that I'm done, I'll go find food or something.

The Phoenix
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