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I'm Home home....home.

I came home for the long weekend and have enjoyed immensely, really. No fights, no spats, just coming home, brushing the cat, doing homework, listening to music and sleeping. I've managed to get the library of congress to send me series in order bey someone telling me abouut series codes the you can put by the aurthors' names so that they send you the series in the doredr ist's suppostd to go in. Thand the gods for that. I was tired of tetting series out of order. It annoyed me grately.

In any case I have gotten seeveral books and several starts of series, no now between my homework I will be reading and sending back books so I can get other one in the series. So...I'l definitely be reading and writing and reading some more.

I did have a broblem, however with one of my RFB&D books, I am missing too tapes. Not it's my turn to email the teaher as the tapes I'm missing are tapes two and three, which unfortunately contain two of the stories I need to have read by Wednesday. THey are Margaret Atwood short fictuions. Happy Ending asne Rape Fantisies, I do believe that is the name of the second one. If anyone could help me to find them I'd love you lots. I won't get a replacement for about ten days, however, I am hoping that the tapes will contain other fictions needing read so I didn't waste my time in getting the damned thing. Ah well, such is life I suppose. But despite thisi small problem, I do think this semester had gone off a lot smoother than my last one, which is a great relief to my mind. I'm enjoying my classes and I am enjoying all the writing I'm doiing. It's ixhilerating.

mom and I spent the day at an art fair despite the windy conditions in Southwest Florida, and the sixty-three degree temperature. Mom was cold and I was not even though the wind was at leadt blowing enouth to make it feel some degrees colder. I do believe I'm more temperature tolerant than she is, I've always been, I suppose. Not a bad ting to be, I would think. Wde looked at sever a areists' orks but didn't by anything except for kettle corn. After my recent run in with Sprint again, I can't afford to buy anyting. I'll write that up later when I'm not so pressed for online time. Or maybe when I'm not online and I can write and then post it.

In any case If anyone new is reading these pages, especially since I'm putting things out there in the public a little more welcome aborad. However, if you want the real me, you *will* have to add me to your friends list. I promis I'm not a totallpsycho bitch. Even the stuff I write bout certan parentals could be worse...much worse.

So yeah feel free to commett anyone...LOL I'll o now before I start sounding like I'm being forceful which I'm not at all trying to do. Good night all.

The Phoenix
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