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Yayayay for awesome presents!!!

Off my Aunt Nancy
A pair of really neat fuzzy warm socks for the nights when it gets below fifty or so and just to wear around. They're awesome
Off my aunt Joe, a teddy bear holding bath stuff, the bear's cute and the stuff seems nice. I haven't used it yet, so I dunno what it's like yet.
Off my aunt Shirly Cherry Blossom body spray and shower jell. Bath and Body Works stuff, of course
Off my cousin Adam "Dragon's Kin" by Anne McCaffrey: unabridged, thank the gods, on seven CD's.
Off my mom and dad
The IPod shuffle and the USB docking port and the listening station that you can place it in so you can listen to the stuff out loud without having to listen to it via the computer
Creed's album "Human Clay"
Karunesh album, "The Sky Beyond"
Grammie nominations 2000" Record of the Year CD
All of those were CD's BTW
A T-shirt with an amy Brown fairy on it called the Orange Fairy
Amy Brown Wall plaque that says "believe across the bottom and has everything on it from fairies to dragons to unicorns.
Off Heather, the friend I met at flea masters a statue of Morgana, again done by Amy Brown that is just absolutely awesome!
Off rnb_capricorn Kanye West's album "Late Registration"
Off aerdran a sistrum�.I love it, yayayayayay!!!
Off chrisondra a really cool coster with a picture of a celtic looking phoenix. I've used it twice now. You are awesome!!

Now for the comments on the presents.
rnb_capricorn's came on Christmas eve and mom was asking if she said I could open it. I did anyway and when dad read off Kanye's name. I was like yea!
"I didn't see that on your list," from Mom
I hedged with a "well," and a look on my face that said that she wouldn't have bot it for me.
Both parents called it crap rap and dad told me that I shouldn't put it on anyone's list.
Mom> "Knowing her that's what she's into.
Me: That and R&B"
Mom was telling me that I would have to listen to it in my CD player with headphones because it was nothing I could play outloud in the house.
I plan to, was my comment from my room alond with several others along of the lines of it's my choice of music and it's my life and why does id freaking matter.
Meanwhile, mom's in the office talling my dad how eight out of ten of my friends probably don't listen to that stuff.
Later when I came out, Mom told me that she knows it's my choice of meusic, but they're just a little disappointed in me that I am still listening to that stuff, and here's the kicker. "Here you are talking about being a good Christian and you're still listening to stuff that says fuck this, and up my ass."
Um�? OK I knew I was keeping my belief shift unter close guard, but I had no idea how close. I know now that she has no clue�none. Even though I'm sitting here saying thank the gods, I'm buying Robert Gas Music which focuses on the Divine Feminine, she buys me a wall plaque that has everything on it�and she still doesn't have a clue what's going on? Seriously, though, at the moment I'm not going to disabuse her of this notion. I still don't have everything in order to stave off arguments of hers that would make me look like a fool in front of her.

Oh and Gayle irony of Ironies.
You get me a sistrum right? Well I have been reading the latest series by Mercedes Lackey which I like to call the Dragon Jouster series, which wonder of wonders features sistrums in just about every book. I was beginning to wonder what they looked like and � well now I know. I just find it rather funny that the very instrument that I was curious about shows up under my tree for Christmas. WEspecially since I don't exactly remember posting any references to this particular series until now. I love it, it's really neat. I like the sound it makes � it's just coolness.

So yeah now that I've listed all of my presents for everyone's perusal, I suppose I will go ahead and post this.

*hugs to all*

The Phoenix
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