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Irish Rovers

Thank the gods for LJ cliets, I'm telling ya!!!Nearly a week and now, just now, I write out my Irish Rovers concert experience for all to enjoy. No;'s ben over a week as the concert was a week from yesterday. LOL

So�It is the fourteenth of December and I am home. I've been home for two days and nothing too eventful has taken place. I have seen my Aunt Charlott and her husband, my grandparents, and we are now on our way to Naples for what promises to be an enjoyable evening. We get there without too much trouble and since we are early we spend time looking around the art galleries and purchasing the merchandise from the Irish rovers table.

The art galleries themselves warrant a mention. They were absolutely amazing. chrisondra You would have been absolutely joyous over them. They had set designs, oils on canvas, and even some woven baskets and woven sculptures. They had niniatures of the Opera of Versailles, and other such noteable opera houses. They were part of the Northern Illinois University art collection, at least the set designs and things were, and the other art work was just plain fascinating. Again, thank the gods for very descriptive mothers.

Then it was show time. There was a woman who mom spoke to about tickets and who said that we could ether be sat in our current location, or we could be relocated to seats down by the stage. You better believe I said yes to the relocation. Mom takes my hand with my cane still in it before I could fold it up and extends it until I feel a bump. "There is the stage." I nearly fell out of my seat. Front row!!! I was completely ecstatic and I wasn't ashamed to show it. The look on my face must have been priceless. I juast was completely taken lby surprise, I mean, I know she said down by the stagge, but I didn't know that it would be right in front of the stage. I was nearly speechless. That was the first time I had ever been the frontrow for an Irish Rovers performance, and I reveled in it.

They came out then and did the usual opening song, "The Irish Rover." For all three concert that has been a consistency. They also did Mary's Wedding, Bonny Kels Water, Bridget Flynn, The Unicorn, and others. They did a lot more Christmas songs this time around than they did the last two concerts. They did an instrumental of It Came upon a Midnight Clear, they did Christmas in Kilarney, Silent Night, Three Jolly Lads, Bells Over Belfast, and Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer from their Songs of Christmas. There was one thing I have to comment on here, and that was that George changed one of the verses in Bells over Gelfast. I wish to the gods I would have bent the rule about recording devices now. Ah well, one less reason to get me thrown out...LOL Instead of singing the wors about the King of Kings, he sang of how people have their religions and their laws, be we stand united in one cause. I can't remember all the words at the moment, but I thought it was neat. They also did I saw Three Ships, The Piper Through the Meadow Strayed, with and without words, and a few other Christmas songs. They had us do a sing along with "A little bit More" and they also told us that we could sing when the mood struck us. The mood struck me with every chorus they sang. I left the verses to them and I tried to leave some lines of the corus out so that those around me could enjoy the harmonies they were doing. I know I certainly did. I elso enjoyed singing with them. That was the closest I had ever been to actually singing with a group that I like. I mean I was right there in front of them, any closer and I would have been right there on stage with them. I enjoyed every minute of it and I kept my feet on the floor because I could feel those around me stamping their feet and sometimes if they danced I could feel the vibrations of their feet on the stage floor. Speaking of dancing, I was up dancing too. I had thought people stood up after one of their songs, and after finding out that I was the only one standing and the initial shock, I began dansing and didn't stop. It was soo much fun to just let loose, even with mom there, I didn't care, I just didn't care. Joe played the spoons again, and I am still in shock at how good he is. I marvel at them sometimes. How they manage to keep it up after forty years just amazes me. Of course there was intermission in there, and they had us singing along with them when they did the Black Velvet Band, and they ended the concert with "Wasn't that a Party," Or so we all thought until they came out and did "Drunken Sailor." They also did some jokes, some of which were the same, butsome of them were different, too. There was one thatwent asfollows:
What to you call two trees in Ireland?
I thought that was kind of funny. They also did the one about the nuns and the bar, which was one of the ones they did last year which they did last year. It's kind of a long one, so I'm not going to put it here, but it was still as funny as it was last year.

After the concert they were out signing CD's and things, and a lot of them commented on my dancing, and George even joked about it with me, telling me how they weregoing to through me out. I told him that what would get me thrown out is my singing if I got too loud, and he said no that it was nice. Several others of the band saw me up dancing and I got to comment a few of them on their playing. However, I forgot to comment on the Belfast verse and Joe's excellent spoon playing. Still, all and all it was an excellent night. I enjoyed the front row seat to the hilt, as it were, and got to thank the woman who made that possible. Even Mom said it was worth the effort. Their shows always are � always, always, always are.

I took the CD home with me and when I listened to it, it was if something in me filled itself in. Oh and afro_thundder you are not going to believe this, but they did "Green Fieldds of France" on their fortieth anniversary CD. Up next to the Fury's and one of the two versions of the Irish Tennor's rendition of that song, that has become one of my all time favorite versions of that song. It's justabsolutely awesome. Anywone who loves celtic music is doing themselves a disservice by skipping Irish Rovers performances. If they are even remoatly near where you can get to them easily do so, you will not regret it. That was my third concert, and I would gladly go a fourth year if it was at all possible. However, that remains to be seen. I feel so much as if I now have some sort of tenuous connection with them or something. I just � I dunno. It's almost as if I know them through, and because of, their music.

In any case, that will be all for now. Forgive the long absence and all, I am still not completely happy with my position on dialup. LOL

The Phoenix
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