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night's been goood!!!

This whole day's been a nice gentle breeze.

I got some more reading done, worked on my papers a bit more, had a nice bit of fun on our place with Jack, Steve, a new friend, Keao, and some others.

Then Mom came down and we washed clothes, went to the pub we have here on campus...sorry afro_thunder I totally forgot to tell you that they have a pub here, though it doesn't sell hard liquor, just smearnoffs and beer and stuff.
Then she read me a two books, one on the Florida Panther and another on Wicca. I took notes on both and we went to pick my clothes up from the drier and came back with them. She also brought me the Sally Oldfield CD I bought from barnes and Noble and I'll have a lot more to say on that when I get done with it. All I know right now is it's absolutely fabulously wonderful!!!!!
"Flaming Star" is the name of he album if anyone's interested. "Invocation" is truly beautiful...and so haunting. I'm not half way done yet and it's already got me hooked. It's one of those ones that I just want to sit and listen to for the first time through before I start doing other things around it.

Anyway, I guess that's it unless you want to hear the lovely things I had for dinner. LOL!!! I nearly forgot to tell everybody some good news. My friend Mendi's an aunt!!! Her sister had a baby girl at about seven yesterday morning, and I am sooooo excited for her!! Yayayayayayayay!!!

The Phoenix
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