The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

I spoke too fucking soon.

My nose is now running like a fauset even when I am in the bed. Nighquill won't help now as I would like to stay up for sometime in order to set my sleeping schedule back the way it was, though dayquill will more than likely end up being omsumed at some point today. However, don't be surprised to get voicemail if you try to call today. If you want to call me, message me first. I may leave my cell phone on as mom has a tendancy to call the day before she comes down, but we'll just see. I'm feeling blah, and most times when I feel like blah, I don't like being on the phone. OK maybe I do to some extent, but you have to be someone I either know well, or like a hell of a lot SO yeah. sorry for the public entries on me being sick, but there we are.

The Phoenix
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