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day of productive rest

Damn, what a day readers!

Sleeping off and on till noon, reading for about four hours, sort of catching up, still haven't started paper for heller's class, which I should probably start tomorrow, then our place and instant messages, a call on skype and phone calls from Veronica.

I loved it on our place! Me, Steve, Veronic and afro_thunder, plus others. We had a good ol' time, especially when it was the three or four of us.

Then I got off and called Brian and talked to him for a bit. I'm slowly beginning to work through the things he did, I don't think it'll ever be exactly the same, but at least the friendship is still intact, and that is what I wanted. I doubt we will ever talk as much as we used to, and I don't think I will ever again feel completely at ease talking with him about certain things, that in the past never mattered in the least.

While I was talking with Brian, Veronica called, so I let Brian go and I talked to her for a bit. We talked for a while off and on, but then she wanted to get dinner, so I let her go.

now I'm here wondering why I'm still awake and wondering if I should sleep or not. I feel tired, but not tired enough to sleep. I just feel strange, like somethings about to something is waiting to pounce, waiting to spring out and surprise attack...or surprise oppertune me. I don't know which it is yet...but I know something's there!

Anyway I guess this is me rambling, so I'll stop. Good night all and have a good rest of the weekend.

The Phoenix
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